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Space, Radiation and Rain


Events that have happened since my previous entry. I arrived at Koriyama, I decided to head out Saturday night and see what there was to do. I was also looking for somewhere to have dinner. It was pouring rain, which it had been constantly for a few days.

I headed down the main road for about twenty minutes and found a bar. The sign said food and drinks. I took an elevator to the floor it was on and walked in. It was dark, smoky and very small. I walked over to the bar and saw a group of men in suits sitting down in a corner. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at me. They appeared to be the only ones there. One got up and spoke to the bartender. They both then looked over at me and escorted me out and told me they were closed and the door shut and locked behind me. There was something very strange and suspicious about the whole situation. I read about there being a relatively large Yakuza influence in the bar scene in this city. So maybe it was best I did not stay at that bar. I decided to call it a night and had McDonald’s for dinner.

The next day I went to the Koriyama City Fureai Science Center. It holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s highest public-access planetarium. Even though it was in Japanese, planetarium are always cool to see just for the amazing show, going through Black Holes and the Milky Way Galaxy. They also had a sweet moon walk and G-force simulator. I was excited to ride them. I went and waited in line. I made it to the front and was then told I was too tall to ride them. They brought me the height chart and you needed to be 6 foot or under. I am 6 foot but with my hiking boots on it must add some height. So I went to the side and stood jealously while watching everyone else have a go. Would have been awesome!

I then prepared to head off again the next day. I thought that it was best for me to get to Tokyo and out of Fukushima soon. The radiation levels in that part of Fukushima had been recorded at potentially unsafe levels when exposed for long periods of time. I had also seen strange solar-powered meters in playgrounds and parks in the area. I was not sure what they were for but now have discovered they are Geiger counters. I walked past one earlier and it had a reading of around 200. I am not an expert on nuclear radiation so I do not know if the reading is good or not but I feel ok so I’m not going to worry about it.


I left the next morning. The first thing I did was go to the petrol station and get some water. I sat there for about 20 minutes contemplating if I should just walk to the station and get a train to the next town. I gladly did not. I was however walking past it and kept going. I was doing great. It looked like it was going to rain so I had my wet weather gear on. The gear was working really well, the unfortunate thing about it though is it does not breathe and with the humidity it makes me sweat so I end up being wet underneath anyway.

At around 12:30 pm I went to a McDonald’s and had some lunch. I am starting to feel like the Super Size Me guy I am eating it so much. It’s cheap, quick, everywhere and I know what I am getting which is why I go there so often. After lunch the heavens opened and it started bucketing down. It was good as it cooled me down. As I was walking on the side of the road, whenever trucks went by I got sprayed by their wake. I arrived at Sukagawa later that afternoon and stayed there the night.

I woke up the next morning and continued in the same direction I have been heading since leaving Sapporo, south. The weather was nice. It was still forecast for rain so I kept my wet weather gear on just in case. At around 12 I was walking by a driving range. I decided to take a break and have a hit. I walked in and got a bucket of golf balls and some clubs. It was really cool. They had automated ball tees. Which is a machine that automatically places the golf ball on the tee for you. I had never used one before, and for that matter did not know they existed. I am not the greatest golfer so I was not hitting them that well. One ball actually went straight up and hit the ceiling and almost knocked me out but apart from that I was doing alright. I was having such a good time I ended up staying there a lot longer than I expected so I had to try and pick up the pace. I arrived at Shirakawa and got some dinner, guess what I had, yup, McDonalds. As I was walking out there was an older man riding a bicycle. One second he was up and the next he was flat on his face on the ground. I know what that’s like so I went over to him, helped him up and collect his groceries off the ground. I think he must have been pretty shaken up because he did not say anything and just stared at me. It was getting awkward so I said goodbye and I slowly backed away and walked off into the distance. He was still staring at me when I turned around a minute later. Weird.

I headed off again the next morning. Nothing eventful happened during the day. All day it looked as though it was going to rain. I had a large distance to do so I put my head down and just walked and walked. I got to Nasushiobara and got a hotel for two nights. I decided to stay an extra night to wash my clothes. They are filthy and absolutely reek to the point where it is all I smell and cannot wear them again until they are washed.

So I am out of Fukushima prefecture and now in the Tochigi prefecture. 150 km away from Tokyo!

I do not have any photos or videos to put up yet. Working on another shortly.


Ps: If you have not already and are feeling generous, please give to the Telethon Adventurers and share my link below.

They are doing a great job and need your support.

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