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Sayonara Japan ———————————————————————–Ni Hao China!

Wow! It’s hard to believe my time in Japan is coming to a close. My memories of the past three months feel like a zip file that I will need to decompress when I return back to reality. Only then will it dawn on me how epic this adventure was.

View from Sapporo TV Tower      Horse

My most memorable experiences over the past three months would have to be climbing Mount Fuji with my Dad and seeing the sun rise. Attempting to walk 80 km in two days and nearly collapsing on the side of the road. Camping in a baseball field. Spending a week in Tokyo, the Shibuya scramble, the science museum and the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The endless rain in Koriyama. The worrying radiation levels in Fukushima. A day at Universal studios acting like a child. Learning the ancient history in Kyoto and the unfortunate recent history in Hiroshima. But most of all will be the walking. Through dark tunnels, snowy mountains, cold rivers, searing heat and watching the amazing scenery change week by week.

Camping   Shibuya Scramble   Mt. Fuji 6

I am glad I have been writing my journey down. Trying to remember the names of all the towns and cities I have been through would be like trying to remember the periodic table.

IMG_4365   Kyoto 2

Oh and I’m loving my epic beard!

Walking Day 2  Beard

When one chapter ends, another one begins. I will be landing in Beijing tomorrow and meeting my mum, little brother, big sister and brother in law to catch up with them and begin another three week adventure.

The one thing I wish I could have done better is to have been able to generate more donations for The Telethon Adventurers but there is still time to donate. We are so close to the goal so please give whatever you can. Every little bit counts.

Speak to you again in Beijing!


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