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Departure Day

Hi Guys!

Well the day has come!

I am prepared as I possibly could be and I am ready for my flight to Sapporo this evening.

My gear is all packed and weighs around 25kg. My pack is filled with clothes, a tent, sleeping bag, medical supplies and other items that will be essential along my journey. The majority of the weight is from the medical supplies I have to carry such as anti-histamines, anti-inflammatory, penicillin, first aid kit, electrolyte tablets and all sorts of things I am hoping will not need.

When I arrive in Sapporo I will be staying in a hotel until Monday to get a good night sleep in a big queen bed (I’m looking forward to it as I have been sleeping on a couch the past two weeks since selling my property) and spend a day looking around seeing the sights around the city.

I will update you all when I arrive Saturday afternoon.

I would also like to thank the family and friends who have already donated to The Telethon Adventurers. Over $500.00 donated already and I haven’t even started yet. Great work guys!


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This entry was posted on May 16, 2014 by in Adventure, Charity, Japan, Sapporo, The Telethon Adventurers, Walking, Walking Japan.

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